Real Creatives

Most surrender to the odds.  You tell the odds where to shove it.

The story says we’re depressed flakey, “in a phase”, and will never make it.  Oh yeah, and apparently we’ll be broke till the end of time.  And then that time’s end of time. 

But that’s one tall tale you leave for the amateur.

If you’re tired of people cringing when you say you’re a creative— and let’s be honest when they make “the face” you’re ready to smack them with a skillet— then you have a place with us (skillet optional).

Every month we’ll send you ideas to enhance the creative pro you are and toast each other on living the creative life confidently.

So now when they ask, “What do you do?” and you say, “I’m a creative,” they’ll say, “Cool!”

But this time?  Eye roll’s not included.

Listen…no one wants to get a newsletter anymore.  A newsletter tells me what my Aunt Mildred is doing for summer break and the latest on her pet hamster, Diesel.

 So instead, I’m giving you my free 7-day brand building email tutorial called ICEBERG.  Giving me your superhero name and an email that you’re mom doesn’t know about in the little box below will get you started right away.

Tell Aunt Mildred I said hi.