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Happiness isn’t happiness until you’ve got yourself a damn good hashtag.  (Didn’t think that’s where I was going, did you? #MicDrop)


Meet #NoFeelLeftBehind


Let’s be honest.  We love a good story.  And I mean love.  We love the characters (and their actions) that are intoxicating and intense.  We empathize with them, meaning we are hopeful, strong-willed, and gutsy as hell.  We believe bravery isn’t something you’re born with, but etched into as we go along; that flaws can be sexy and not mere weaknesses.  We roll in the confidence mud and squeal as it squishes between our manicured toes!  We bleed when they bleed!  Cry when they cry!  If they are bold, then we can be bold!  It’s in our blood!  Our damn DNA!  WE WANT TO FEEL ALL THE FEELS!


Sorry about that.

I’ve left the comments open on this page because I want to see how you won’t let #NoFeelLeftBehind (grammar and hashtags, ugh).  Or come to Twitter or Instagram and tell me there.  I want to hear about your feels while you’re romancing the stone the brooding seventeen-year-old hunk with a dark and mysterious past, whose hair falls beautifully into his eyes as he sketches you with charcoal.  I want to hear the feels you experienced when opening a new book or finishing a series.  I want to hear about that time, where you did the hijinks stuff, and then you had to lie down because you were just. Feeling. All. The. Feels.

In the meantime…

 Here are some other hashtags I use in my travels (#WhereInTheWorldIsCarmenSanDiego…get it?).  There are some that are great for authors so check them out (#Platform #AuthorsAreSexy).

Hashtags for readers and writers:










Hashtags for Authors:

#NaNoWriMo…used a lot in November when it’s National Novel Writing Month.  Writers from all around the world set a goal to write 50,000 words in the month of November.





#PitMad…a pitch party where writers pitch their completed and polished manuscripts to agents and editors.  Click here for dates and rules.

My Hashtags:

#CreativelyMe: to be used when you are using creativity specific to you. No excuses.  No judgement.  Just you, being you.

#ThaiDayFriday: I eat Thai Food every Friday night when the hubs is at work.  Because thai food you guys.

#Wine: if you have to ask why, I don’t think we can still be friends.